14 thoughts on “I’m really excited…

  1. Hey Carl

    Congratulations 🙂

    Really looking forward to seeing how the foundations and added value areas develop – two really smart choices to focus on. Definitely interesting as well to see how the two can fit together – data enabling participation – and participative creation and curation of data to impact services – as well as having the two as valuable and independent tracks of activity.

    1. Thanks Tim,

      We have much to learn and explore with the two added value areas and I’m looking to feed as much “learning from outside” into discussions which have so far really helped…The best bit is that there is no sales job to do, all of the areas are recognised and acknowledged as areas to develop and progress, so it is refreshing to move away from the why are we doing this (although still worth asking ourselves of course) to the how are we going to add value.

  2. Congratulations Carl!

    Really pleased for you and think this is great for Devon 🙂

    Looking forward to the Project Beta blog and seeing how you develop things down there!

  3. Congratulations Carl, that’s really great news – you are definitely a ‘force for the good’. Best wishes, mark

  4. Congratulations Carl, brilliant news – look forward to hearing more as time progresses 🙂

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