2 weeks in and what have I achieved….

I have now been in my new post for almost 2 full weeks and to say it has been a whirlwind is a bit of an understatement – meetings, discussions, ideas, planning and strategy…It has felt a bit like a localgovcamp event to be honest – but with the added bonus of actually being able to progress work and initiate stuff straight away.

I thought I’d use this post to reflect on the last two weeks and share some of the plans and ideas we are developing which you will hopefully learn more about in the coming weeks and months either here on my blog or the upcoming team blog “Project Beta”.

As referred to in my previous post I am now back to being a line manager of 6 people and I’m very pleased with the team as they are all highly skilled, very motivated and already making stuff happen – I mean what more could I ask for…

So what have I done, I’ve sat down with the team individually and have found out what their expectations and requirements are of me as a manager and what they need me to do to help make them productive.  We also have a draft work programme agreed which is still evolving and has a team member identified for everything task/project.

I’ve had many meetings with people ranging from our improving the corporate website, redefining the intranet, explaining and promoting the digital communication opportunities and I’ve written some documents and have sold ideas…. These conversations have been with the team itself, Heads of Service, Governance Groups, Elected Members and colleagues and staff in general.

A few highlights for me include:

  • sitting down with one of the councillors who attended my social media session and helping them get set up with a personal blog, all in 2 hours. (I won’t share the link yet as they are finalising some early content for a launch shortly)
  • getting agreement and commitment from one of our new Heads of Service to publicly blog about their service.
  • agreement to a programme of work to consolidate the micro sites the council has and to reuse or refocus the content to improve the public website.
  • agreement and support by one of our governance boards to improving and redefining the councils intranet.
  • listening to and seeing first hand the excellent contribution members of the team make in meetings around web and digital communications projects.
We are only at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can do ourselves as team and what we can facilitate across the council.  There are many more things I’m proud of personally and that of my team and would love to share but will leave these for another time.
My challenge and the teams is to keep up the momentum going and keeping pushing things forward.



4 thoughts on “2 weeks in and what have I achieved….

  1. Hi Carl,
    First off, congratulations on your new appointment and the obvious progress you are making already.
    I’m currently looking at initiating a project in my LA i.e. Meath County Council, to replace the simple contacts listing on our intranet. The idea was to have something where as well as just listing staff and their contact details, there would be:

    1) a way to add in additional information on skills, knowledge, previous experience, and additional roles (e.g. fire marshal, first aider,) (and search for these)

    2) allow the staff member to provide info on what they are working on

    I was wondering if you have such a ‘facility’ in Devon and if so which platform(s) or tools you use?

    Apologies if this is not the correct channel to direct a question like this to you.

    Paul Dunne

  2. Sounds like you are going to be busy, Carl. Congratulations on the new job. I work for KANA and believe you use our Lagan products at the council. I commend your endorsing social media and networking as a communication channel and look forward to learning more over the coming weeks. You may like to learn more about what KANA and Lagan are doing via these links Twitter @KANASoftware, Facebook KANASoftware, LinkedIn group KANAsoftware and our blog: http://blog.kana.com/ where industry thought leaders post their news and views. Looking forward to sharing…

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