Towards a Social Media Strategy

Following on from the development of our broad social media and online participation policy –  this was essentially about staff accessing sites through the corporate network and the rules associated with that access. We now need to develop the next layer. How do we use if for our services and how we do manage the many and potentially far reaching profiles that could exist if left un-managed and un-coordinated

So i am now working on pulling together a broad framework (Social Media Strategy) to allow council services to enter this space in a way which helps with managing our online reputation, increases our communication and marketing, develops our customer service and adds value to our participation and engagement work.

The strategy so far (in my head at least) is looking like this!

Social Media Strategy

The question i keep asking myself is “am i missing anything obvious?”

I will share a draft version when i have one available. I don’t intend on creating something which is pages and pages think, i want to create something which gives context, overview and purpose to people’s plans to using social media.


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