Social Media Forum opens its doors

Just a short post to say that at the last social media forum on Tuesday this week the forum members posed the idea of opening up the forum to all staff in the public sector within Devon.

The benefits were seen as being able to connect up with peers and to collectively raise the awareness of the opportunities available to us all.

It was also seen as an ideal opportunity to work together on social media projects and initiatives.

So if you work in the public sector in Devon and you are interested in joining the social media forum then please register your interest through this blog, stating which organisation you work for.

This is an exciting development and one which i am very proud of. We have only had 2 forum meetings and the people involved are very interested and are keen to explore new opportunities.

I think the next step will be to explore how we work with the community and voluntary sector with this forum, however it will need to be managable in order to give the benefits to those attending.

My thoughts are that we could look at something like a social media forum in Devon in the style of a barcamp event and get some people to come down and talk about the innovations that have taken place and to run some practical “how to sessions” to support those who just wish to find out more.

But i need to think about that and between now and Easter i am practically fully booked so will have to revisit this one.

More to follow in due course.


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