Phil Norrey – Chief Executive, Devon County Council

This is the short video clip of Phil Norrey, Chief Executive of Devon County Council.

This video was part of a presentation given at the LGIU Social Networking and Youth Participation event in London 26th September 2008.

A summary of the event will follow with a copy of the presentation for information

Back to work and feeling refreshed

I am now just finishing my 2nd day back to work after 3 weeks off.  I actually missed writing my blog on a regular basis, something i didn’t think i would do, but i have found it to be quite relaxing and it helps me clarify my thoughts as well as getting the excellent comments or signposts from people reading.

Now before i get on to work related stuff, i want to Thank Everyone who did comment and send best wishes to me and my family over the last 3 weeks, it means a lot. Some of you i have not even met in person and yet it feels like you are friends.  I just hope that i can get to met you all in person over the coming months and years.

Back to work stuff

There is always so much to catch up on and so many emails to read and action, but i have found that i now have even more to read via rss, blogs, twitter and the like.  But it is worth it because there is so much information out there and i know i am only connected to a small amount of it.

I have been working with a couple of colleagues this afternoon putting together the final touches on our collective presentation for a conference on Friday run by the LGIU called Social Networking Sites and Youth Participation, it looks like it will be a great event and i am looking forward to listening as well as speaking.

I am hoping that tomorrow we can finalise a film of our Chief Executive talking about the benefits of Social Networking for a 3 minute video clip which i want to include into the presentation for Friday’s conference.

I will also seek approval to include via this blog as well.

Mashed up – hold fire and wait….

In recent weeks i have been pondering whether or not my council should take the time and effort to develop Facebook or Bebo gadgets for positive activities information or youth participation activities. In fact any kind of gadget for these sites.

These thoughts were sparked by the recent consultation with young people as well as constructive conversations with Tim Davies around gadgets for youth participation.

My view is that as a user why would i want a “council” gadget…i personally like the idea but i still need convincing that this is the right way forward.

If we take positive activities (essential information aimed at young people about what activities and events are available to them) as an example then it would surely make more sense for a “national” gadget to be created that my council could feed data and information into it.  This way it would remove the potential “political boundary” issues that always occur with council services.

This i believe would make more sense to young people and would be more valuable in the  sense that they would only need one gadget for this information instead of potentially three or four depending on where they lived and how far they were prepared to travel for activities.

So today i put together a very quick and dirty model in my head, very simple, but it has already helped when talking to people about trying to encourage a wider development perspective.


What we need to do is focus on how we can contribute to the schema to enable our local data to be used wider. However it needs to be simple and not a burden to local authorities or it won’t work.

I am sure there will be much more around this topic and i hope to build a better picture as the one above does look pretty basic. Unless someone has one they can signpost me to…

Roaming wild with web cams: video camera consultation | Tim’s Blog

Following on from one of my previous posts, Tim Davies has blogged his thoughts about the event and in particular the use of portable video web cams.

Interestingly we actually bought 6 devices but i accidentally left one of them at home on the side as i was playing with it to see how easy it was to use. They are very easy and great fun…

Anyway, Tim’s post is a good read…

Roaming wild with web cams: video camera consultation | Tim’s Blog.

Should Students be Banned from Social Networks at School?

This post by Nick ONeill on Social Media Today is interesting in the context of my previous post about young people and social networking sites.

My view is that we should be informing, educating and supporting young people to be more responsible online and far more aware of the dangers and security threats they may or may not face by sharing information online.

An excellent website that i am aware of called thinkuknow has some great information for young people, parents and practitioners in this area.

Personally from my experience young people see these sites primarily as ways in which they can continue the dialogue with their friends and do not always see the wider aspects of the platform they do it in.

before people start thinking about shutting down sites, they should focus on what is happening generally in the world and by banning sites now does not stop some of the things that happen in these sites from happening in the real world.

Some of the comments i received last week were that young people are concerned by bullying in these sites as well as in the real world…my view is that with a digital footprint, you have a clear audit trail of this type of activity then would if it were happening in the playground.

These are my views at present and i am continuing my thought process in this area as we need to make sure we make the right decisions for the right reasons. Anyway take a read of Nick’s post….