Devon County Council in Twitter

I am pleased to say that I have today set up an account for my council (Devon County Council) in twitter. I hope that this is the first of many moves into the social media arena and one which i firmly believe will help change the way we communicate and listen to our residents and citizens.

As a starting point i have enabled the following RSS feeds to be fed directly into twitter using twitterfeed to demonstrate that it doesn’t always have to take up someone’s time to add value.

  • News and Press Releases
  • Consumer Safety Alerts
  • Planning Applications Received
  • Webcasts

If you want to check it out follow Devon County Council in twitter

For information, I am also aware of the following councils using twitter


I saw a post on twitter today from Dave Briggs who has kindly set up a Local Government Twitter Club with pageflakes. Thank you Dave, very helpful.

This shows that a number of other councils are also in twitter and some ahve been for a while. They are: