Social Media Crime Squad

Are you committing Social Media Crimes?

Are you focusing too much of the tools and not enough on the business or social objectives?

Are you using the magic of marketing fluff to seduce people into thinking you are a social media guru or social media expert?

Are you using sleight of hand with statistics to demonstrate increased value?

Are you delivering someone else’s social media campaign, without providing mentoring or coaching so they can learn to manage this in-house over time?

Are you promoting the use of twitter and Facebook when you constantly demonstrate that you are ineffective at using them yourself?

Are you talking in jargon in order to sound clever and sophisticated?

I know of at least 3 organisations who adopt this approach, I’m guessing there are a lot more and they will increase…..please stop….the local government community is better than that…show us some respect and don’t take advantage of a bad situation.

We are watching, listening and taking notes…
Social Media Crime Squad