Public Sector Organisation Intelligence

I’ve been following Richard Veryard on twitter for some time and have found his tweets and blog posts very useful and thought provoking in relation to my role here at the council.

Earlier today Richard tweeted two links to some slideshare presentations related to Organisational Intelligence (I’ve embedded both of them below)

The first one “Modelling Intelligence in Complex Organizations” is very good, it is high level and I suggest you take some time to go through this. I particularly like slide 27 which highlights 6 socio-technical capabilities that organisational intelligence needs

The second “How Can IT Fix the Problems of Stupid Organizations?” looks at the IT role in helping achieve organisational intelligence and the new challenges IT people and departments face in supporting this transition. Slide 20 in my view reminds people that IT is about Information “and” Technology.



Forget Digital – There is just Life

At the end of August a friend of mine Emma Mulqueeny wrote a blog post about her Digital Life Story, it was simply the most boring story you could ever read (in her own words), but I managed it anyway :o) – I actually recommend you reading it and the comments, so you can experience the same dull narrative that we must encourage more of when talking about Social or Digital Media.

Why am I referring to this post now, nearly a month later, well I saw an equally boring presentation on slideshare, that sends the same kind of  message as Emma’s story.

There is only life, forget digital or social media…that was soooo last year!

Getting to grips with Social Media

This is an excellent presentation which gives an introduction to social media and sets out a number of challenges and how we can overcome them.