Excellent example of the potential of Twitter – Simon Wakeman

At yesterday’s PSF web 2.0 event, Simon Wakeman gave an excellent presentation on Social Media in Medway Council. However for me one of the most illumating bits of his presentation was when he showed how a single council tweet was picked up and retweeted to gain positive reputation within the local area.

Simon’s slides are on his website and the particular section on twitter starts on slide 19. The rest of the presentation is also very interesting but i very much liked the twitter network diagram.

If you need to demonstrate how twitter can work then use these slides. BEWARE however that good news and b ad news travels through twitter.

Local authorities and social media – the future | Simon Wakeman – Marketing and public relations

I have been reading a lot about social media lately and trying to promote it within my council around internal and external communications. A post from an expert on the subject.