Link – FutureGov » Using web 2.0 to safeguard children: an invitation to a round table discussion

Whether or not you can make this or not, i think this is an excellent opportunity for people to share ideas and opportunities around a very sensitive subject.

I hope that after the roundtable, there is an opportunity to open up discussion perhaps via a network, or community as there will no doubt be many people who are simply unable to get to London on the date.

An extract from the blog post…

To start off with, we are looking to bring together multi-disciplinary group of senior managers and practitioners from childrens social services, teachers, police and health workers with social web technologist, public service designer, funders – or even just people who have a personal passion for this area – to help us design and run a small Safeguarding 2.0 pilot. Nothing big in the first instance, more a proof of concept if you like, but with the potential to transform the way in which professionals and non-professionals alike might better share information and form the kinds of relationships that might prevent future tragedies.

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