OpenSpaceDevon – the unconference

UPDATED: Thanks to everyone so far who has expressed an interest – I’ve set up a Ning network so that we can continue the discussions online – visit OpenSpaceDevon and sign up to participate.

Following on from my previous post, i’m intrigued to see what interest there would be in “OpenSpaceDevon – the unconference”. I thought the name better reflected the county of Devon as well as the format of the event.

Following the “curated unconference” format, it is difficult to suggest a formal agenda, but i was thinking that the event could discuss these kinds of topics and issues:

  • Redefining public services
  • Using web 2.0 to safeguard children (continuing the discussion started on Futuregov)
  • Using social software to reinvent the customer/citizen relationship
  • Digital Inclusion in a rural county
  • The role of the citizen in council 2.0
  • Social Care and Health in a networked society
  • Digital Privacy and Information Security
  • Schools and the Next Gen Citizen

It would be great to get public sector professionals, voluntary organisations and business people involved in these areas all together and working through some of these issues and topics – Basically, i’d imagine the event to involve anyone who has an interest and passion to improve public services in general.

I can’t promise that this event will take place, but if there is enough interest in it, i will invest some of my own time to help make this happen. If such an event could happen, then i would recommend that we look to around March/April 2010 and depending on who gets involved in may take place at a weekend – unless of course some local public sector organisations want to get involved and help? (hint hint)

Contact me via this blog post or email me to register your interest in either helping put this event together or participating.