It isn’t just a young person’s game – Humanizing Social Networks: Revealing the People Powering Social Media

An excellent analysis of the top social networks in the world over at PR 2.o – Brian Solis. If we thought this was a young person’s game then think again.

Facebook’s user age profile shows that more than 50% are in the age range 35-65 with the majority of those shared almost equally between 35-44 and 45-54.

However Twitter shows that nearly 75% for the same age range with the majority 35-44 having over 40%.

Whilst engaging with young people is a huge opportunity and mostly all reports and research I access shows that this is where young people are. It has huge potential across all ages and whilst we in the UK will naturally differ, we need to harness the opportunity now.

I am even more eager for the new Director of Digital Engagement to get going to provide a national agenda in this area.

For more analysis visit Brian Solis PR 2.0 blog Humanizing Social Networks: Revealing the People Powering Social Media.