Society Guardian – People Power

I received a call earlier this morning from Katie Bacon, who informed me that there was a section in today’s Guardian “People Power” which contained an article about using social networking platforms for Youth Participation and Katie was of course mentioned (Well done Katie). However the whole pull out contained a wide range of interesting articles about Social Media,  Engagement, Participation and Social Cohesion.

I have since searched online but have not yet found the online versions. But if you are interested in this area of work and you can get a copy of today’s Guardian or even just get to read the People Power section I’d recommend it.


US Now – A film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the internet

I haven’t seen the film US Now yet, but i have watched the clips available on the web and read some of the reviews and comments.

From reading the above all i can say is, if you are interested in new models of participation, governance and mass collaboration then this is for you.

There is also an additional video from Clay Shirky author of “Here comes everybody” called Future Transformations