Missing the simple joy of physical connection

I’ve not posted in what feels like an eternity as things have changed (for me, for my family and for everyone) – stating the obvious…

I’m fortunate to work in local government as I get to hear about and see the amazing work of colleagues in supporting people during this Pandemic, more than what is shared in the news.

I’m grateful everyday to everyone who is working so tirelessly to continue to provide help and support to those that need it.

I’m grateful that I’m safe at home with my family and I’ve learnt so much about our resilience and love for one another that has deepened our family unit and our connection in ways I’m not sure would have happened without this experience.

I’m grateful for the daily check-ins and check-outs that the team have through the use of technology as this allows a level of connection to be maintained during this period of lockdown and home working.

I’m grateful for the reliability of the technology to connect with colleagues to do the work we need to do and to stay informed and up top date with communications.

I’m grateful for access to a laptop and the internet and a comfy chair to allow homeworking to be the new normal for me right now…

I’m grateful for all the opportunities to connect through technology to people anywhere

But I’m feeling lonely

I miss connection, importantly physical connection to people who are important to me

I’ve realised that my sense and feelings of loneliness have developed and increased even though on one level my contact with people has increased, although all of that is through the technology.

I’m missing the physical connection to the team and my friends.

i’m missing the shared physical experiences of laughter and the energy you can create when people come together in the same space…there is something so important about the physical space we create together.

I’m missing the simple pleasure and feelings of joy one gets when you are in the physical company of people you respect, admire and love.

I’m not sure when this will end, but I know that I will never again take for granted the simple moments I share with people and the time we have together…

I look forward to reconnecting on so many levels.

For now though i’m living with feelings i’m not used to and allowing them to teach me valuable lessons.



Love or Fear – which one rules you?

I was asked a question recently about the challenges around organisational change and barriers that “some” managers seem to put in the way.

My response I think took a few people by surprise as I simply suggested that those people who appear to be providing blocks or barriers are simply acting from a different place. They are operating from Fear.

I’ve over simplified this but essentially there are only two ways in which you can live your life, and from there make decisions about the things that affect you and those things around you.

Those two things are Love and Fear (Over simplified but I like the over simplification)

Personally I’m scared of many things, some rational and some irrational and because of that my thinking around those things gets clouded by the feelings of fear which take complete control like an auto-pilot – in those moments I’m not likely to make good decisions, even though those decisions might help me feel better about that fear, or manage it away from me…but all too often those decisions restrict my personal growth or the growth of those around me.

I also love many things and from that place, I’m able to let go, be vulnerable, trust in myself and others and allow decisions to be made more freely and those decisions have wider benefits as they are not about me but are made in a wider context.

Which rules you?

I’ve also thought a lot about how people learn to move away from Fear and I used to think you could simply inspire them, nudge them, provoke them and even shock them into a different place…but the I was reminded on this quote…



All we can do is to support people, create conditions and spaces for them to learn and discover love within themselves.

How are you helping others?