Please use Firefox 2 or IE 6 ยป Karen Blakeman’s Blog

A great post about how government websites are encouraging us to go back to old and more importantly insecure versions of browsers just to be able to interact online.

We are encouraged to file our tax returns online and use the government web sites to obtain information about our entitlements, but to do so we have to use browsers from the stone age.

Via Karen Blakeman’s Blog

I suggest resorting back to more costly channels of delivery like the phone until they get the sites to work in what are considered current browsers.

To suggest to a user of a site that they have to go back to a previous version is unbelievable. As a user and on my personal computer at home i will ensure that my browser is always up to date as i do internet banking and pay bills etc through it. There is no way i will compromise my personal data just to use a government website. Lets just hope it all gets resolved ASAP.