Overcoming the Obstacles To Social Business – Conversation Starter – HarvardBusiness.org

An interesting post on the HBR website, about the organisational challenges and some ways to overcome them around social media and building a more social business.

The 3 areas are:

  1. Culture Shock
  2. Legal Treadmill
  3. Riskphobia

They suggest there are many more, but this is a great start on sharing some useful stuff around making progress.

I will post again soon on some of the learning and challenges here in due course, so will contribute to the conversation, but for now i’ll leave you with one example in the culture shock section:

Find the change agents within your organization who are passionate about making your company better and harness their passion for the benefit of your business.

via Overcoming the Obstacles To Social Business – Conversation Starter – HarvardBusiness.org.

Twitter’s Ten Rules For Radical Innovators – Umair Haque – HarvardBusiness.org

Twitter  and the term twittering has become very much part of the language even for those who don’t actually use it. My view is that it seems to have a bit of a Marmite effect (you love it or hate it) But then much the same was said about email.

So will this mean a quite revolution is only around the corner or are we there already?

Here are some interesting rules for radical innovators.

It (twitter) is trying, instead, to create a more authentic kind of value — and to do that, you need ideals. Twitter pursues its ideals — democracy, peace, equity — with the quiet intensity of a true revolutionary.

via Twitter’s Ten Rules For Radical Innovators – Umair Haque – HarvardBusiness.org.

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity – HBR.org

I am a massive fan of Pixar Animation studios, i love all the films they make as it brings out the big kid in me.  My kids also love the movies and we (i mean me) can’t wait for Cars 2 and Toy Story 3.

Why am i telling you this well i manged to link through to an article on Harvard Business Review about “How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity”

The article is written by Ed Catmull  – co-founder of Pixar and the president of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios.

Ed write’s

Pixar is a community in the true sense of the word. We think that lasting relationships matter, and we share some basic beliefs: Talent is rare. Management’s job is not to prevent risk but to build the capability to recover when failures occur. It must be safe to tell the truth. We must constantly challenge all of our assumptions and search for the flaws that could destroy our culture

If we could adopt this approach in the public sector, it would be an even better place to work.

The statement rings true to me in so many ways, we are a community and we are striving for lasting relationships with customers, residents and partners etc. However we are risk adverse and this stifles creativity. But we can and must change and i believe that we are on the journey now.