#DCCSMF – telling the story

Last Friday we held our social media forum which went very very well.

It was attend by about 80 people from a variety of organisations and this year we had quite a bit of twitter buzz throughout the day which was great.

Anyway, if you are interested we’ve created and published a storify of the day and included the presentations over on the re-work digital blog [ Please note the storify doesn’t display correctly in IE6, but then what does 🙂 ]


DCC Social Media Forum 4 – #DCCSMF

At the moment, It feels like organising events are something I’m involved in quite a bit, which isn’t a problem when the events are Open Space South West and now the DCC Social Media Forum 4, although this time, I’m getting one of my team Russell to help out and take more of a lead.

I announced the tickets a couple of weeks ago and it has almost sold out which is reassuring to know but also demonstrates the increasing desire from colleagues across the council and our partners to learn and share learning around social and digital technologies. If you work in the public sector in Devon and want to come along get in touch via the comments and I’ll pass the details on. I’ve started to collect names of people who want to be on a distribution list for these kinds of things.

The development of the social media forum has been interesting and is something that has already become a critical way of maintaining an overview on the projects which are going on across the council.

It is through this event you start to get into the details of the projects you previously only heard about at a high level and thought “that sounds like a good idea, wonder how that will work”.

The pace of social projects means that you never really have to wait a long time to learn from the outcomes and experiences from the people who were involved, although some benefits and outcomes won’t be seen for some time.

The event is on Friday 13th July (lucky for us) and I’ll blog about the day and share any presentations and insights afterwards.

The previous events summary and presentations can be found here

#DCCSMF – The return of the DCC Social Media Forum

One of the first things I put on my to-do list when I became Digital Communications Manager, was to restart and refocus the DCC Social Media Forum.  The last one was over 2 years ago and one of the last things discussed was opening it up to our public sector family across Devon…So that is what I have done.

Friday 7th October is the  DCC Social Media Forum and there is over 75 people from across the county council and our public sector colleagues – and not just the usual suspects which is a success in its own right…

We have operational staff and Heads of Service in attendance from across a range of services including Highways,  Customer Services, ICT, Emergency Planning, Communication, Trading Standards, Workforce Development, Audit, Information Management and colleagues from our District Councils, Unitary Councils plus Cornwall Council, Devon & Somerset Fire,  Devon & Cornwall Police, Met Office and even the MoD, which is absolutely fantastic and I’m personally very grateful to all the people who are coming for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come together and share, connect, challenge and inspire one another.

The agenda is split into two parts…a set of 20 minute shared learning sessions on the following topics:

  • Open and Linked Data
  • QR codes
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • FOI and twitter
  • The internal use of Social networking tools
  • Nurturing Online Communities
  • Crisis Communications
  • Social Media Risk Assessment
And the second part of the day will be a set of 20 minute discussion/challenge sessions on the above topics or whatever people feel inspired to talk about.
One of the challenges in organising this is that I had to actually turn people away due to space restriction, but it does fill me with confidence that a SouthWestLocaGovCamp event on a week day would be a huge success….so will have to come back to that in the spring…as I kind of see the two blurring together…
Anyway, I’m not sure how many people will tweet during the event but if they do the hashtag is #DCCSMF.
I just hope that it actually meets people’s expectations and is a success…