Support the Bid – Connecting Devon and Somerset

To all who live in Devon and or Somerset

Devon and Somerset Councils are appealing to you for your support of their bid to the government for superfast broadband for Devon and Somerset. Just because Devon is a largely rural county it doesn’t mean that it should be left behind in a digital age.

Do you get frustrated when you are online and your browser just grinds to a halt? When you can’t multi-task because your broadband connection is stopping you? When pages take an age to load? When your online TV streaming cuts out or it takes a week to download a film? Some people are even still on dial-up connections or most of us know someone who is!

Well now is the chance to put all these problems behind us and get superfast broadband! Devon County Council is submitting a bid for broadband funding to government on the 18th April and part of the success of that bid relies on demonstrating considerable demand for superfast broadband in Devon from both residents and businesses. All we need to do is a fill out a really short survey to register our support, it only takes a couple of minutes and will be well worth it in the long run.