Are Local Authority Intranets lacking external benchmarking?

A short post really, but it had occurred to me that one of the biggest opportunities for cost savings within organisations is the intranet.

However in the local government world – perhaps even the wider public sector, i would guess that nearly all of them lack any real interaction, functionality, transaction etc. Compared to the level of external benchmarking and rating that our public sites go through it is no wonder that intranets are probably still in 1996.

Maybe what we need is and i’m not sure how we would facilitate this at the moment but if we could at least be subjected to a similar style benchmarking exercise to Better Connected (Socitm). If this could happen then i believe that councils might be more inclined to drive forward the intranet to offer the kind of business value it promises.

I will post again in the new year as i think we also need to understand what we all mean by Intranet. In my experience the Intranet can be anything from just an internal website with information to pretty much the whole of the desktop aswell.

To me the intranet is now just part of what many people are referring to as Enterprise 2.0 – however i think this needs some explanation as well.

In the meantime, If you know of any really dynamic intranet sites in the public sector i’d be keen to hear the story.