The difficulty i guess in writing a blog is knowing what not to write, but as i said i will use this as a opportunity to share my thoughts and stuff.

So on we go – We own a 1972 Westfalia VW Campervan (called Tidgy) and he is a pride and joy, but for the last 4 years it has been sat in a garage partly restored, well to be honest in a very rusty state.

We bought it before we got married (to sharon) and we paid for it with our savings for our wedding. The plan once we bought it was to honeymoon around Europe for 6 weeks over the summer and see what happens. We ended up only doing France and then getting an 18 hour ferry to Ireland.

Sharon, Me and Tidgy (Dublin camp site)

I include a picture of what he looked like before we sent him for restoration:

But last weekend it came home, not complete but it came home none the less. We have been getting help this week on the jobs that need finishing: engine, brakes plus some basic internal cosmetic stuff. But it will soon be back on the road.

Now we have 2 children (Ewan and Finley) and they have never experienced any time in Tidgy, but on Sunday we spent nearly 8 hours cleaning him, eating a small picnic in him and the boys played with their trains in him. It was such a joyful experience to see our children being able to have fun in Tidgy (Although he was parked on our Driveway!!)

The interesting thing about all of this is that the company who we had paid money too, went bust, so we were almost for a long period of time facing the possibility of losing him to the scrap yard, the money which was significant but not as important was also lost! But to cut a long story short, we managed to negotiate some additional work to be done at no cost…..

Now many friends have wondered why we bothered waiting and have often said “why don’t you buy a new van” “why is it taking so long”. Frankly even when we told them the whole story they still didn’t understand.

We have been through a great deal of stress trying to get to this point where he can come home, i was never going to give up hope that he would be able to come back. Tidgy is like our 3rd child, the sentimental cost is incalculable. I am reminded of a certain credit card advert. Cost of a new van £8000+, Cost of Tidgy to us PRICELESS

This is a picture of how he looks now without his new protective raincoat, we are very pleased with what we have and are grateful that he didn’t end up on teh scrap yard like many other customers vans.

Tidgy partly finished in our driveway

We are even planning on taken him to Australia (if we can emigrate in the next few years – more on this in future thoughts) so he will face a better climate and rust will be a thing of the past 🙂

Now i guess my question for today is can you ever really quantify sentimental value?

I’m sure insurance companies will have a view, but in our experience losing Tidgy would be like losing a member of our family.

Another one born

I went to a seminar on monday and heard that a new blog is born every 2.5 seconds….

It was suggested that you should only start a blog if you are committed and prepared for the long run. So I found the blogger inside me and decided to join the millions of people out here in the blogospehere. The first post i guess for some is the most important, but for me i guess it is the continuation of the blog that is important. I don’t want to be another dead blogger who gave up because i lost interest.

So what i am going to do – well firstly share my thoughts and life events and general activities, some maybe questions around work or just life in general. But mostly i want to enjoy the blogging experience and when i feel i am more comfortable, i may expand my blog a bit more. One step at a time…

It took me some time to decide whether to not to start a blog – not sure why? But the reason took the plunge is because i think about stuff all the time and sometimes i loose track of my own thoughts so at least for me this will be a record and a way to look back. On the subject of looking back, the thing that tipped my decision was look at a photo on my phone of my son Ewan. It was a snap shot in time and i thought well at least a blog could provide a snap shot of my thoughts, so why not.

So for anyone who actually reads this first post (other than myself) I hope that you come back and share your ideas and thoughts by commenting where appropriate.

I firmly believe that we can learn something from everyone we meet, this blog gives me an opportunity to reach further than my normal social network.

One last thought, we had our first strawberries the other day, they were superb. Does growing food yourself and putting effort in make it taste better, or is it the organic approach? Either way i need to get some clotted cream to go with the rest 🙂