Digital Framework for Local Public Services

A Digital Climate for Local Public Services – Open by Default, Digital by Design

The following drawing focuses on the underlying proposition that every citizen can and will meaningfully integrate the internet into their daily lives. This level of active and capable participation should allow for new opportunities to emerge which reduce and divert demand to alternative tools which are open by default and digital by design.

The environment will not simply develop, and the transformative opportunities will not unfold, unless people, businesses, service providers, government, community organisations and others fully understand and integrate digital into everything they do.
This requires pervasive digital awareness and education — a ubiquitous digital climate that animates and inspires creativity and transformation and enables growth and wellbeing.

We must acknowledge that a digital climate is different to a transformation programme. It is a shift in thinking in which people and institutions are routinely aware of and constantly incorporate digital technology and opportunity into whatever they do.

Digital Climate for Local Public Services Framework v2

The following is a list of blog posts I’ve written as well as links to other posts from people who are actively contributing to the development of this framework.

NB: If you have written or seen a post, know of a service, a report or simply a website which helps illustrate or explain the framework in more detail then please let me know via the comments or tweet me

Overview and context

The left hand side of the framework

The Capabilities

The middle section of the framework

Transition Stage

The Principles


Leadership/Decision Making

Is there a post missing? – let me know in the comments…

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