My Google + Policy

I am on google + and you are welcome to connect with me on there however I will not always follow you back.

I primarily use google + as a collaboration and communications platform with colleagues. I don’t often share content or links via this channel, as that is primarily done via twitter. I am still learning how to get best value from this platform and in the meantime you are welcome to connect with me via one of the other platforms I’m on such as LinkedIn, Twitter or if i know and have actually met you then possibly facebook.

I believe that you need to ensure that as an individual you gain personal value from these tools and sites or you simply won’t engage properly – so what I am actually saying when I follow someone is “you say interesting things and I want to keep listening – I hope you don’t mind”.

The key for me is listening and acknowledging, you don’t have to follow someone to do that and we don’t need to create standards to force a level of mediocrity onto social platforms that offer different things to different people.

In the meantime take a look around my blog, add a comment or follow some links.



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