About me

Carl Haggerty

Work stuff…

I’m passionate about local public services and being able to contribute to improving peoples lives.

Currently my working life is divided between a number of roles (paid and voluntary).

I am the Digital Communications Manager at Devon County Council, which is essentially about championing and developing the digital agenda within the council as well as being responsible for the councils Corporate Website and Intranet.

I am also Chair of LocalGov Digital – A practitioner network created and functioning in the spirit of local government’s sector-led improvement agenda.
Our belief is that an overarching and fundamental principle is that local government is and should be ‘open by default and digital by design’

I’m also a School Governor at my local Primary School where I hold the following positions:
– Chair of Governing Body

I’m also a member of the Exeter Consortium Management Board – this is in my capacity as a School Governor.
The Exeter Schools Consortium is working hard to enable member schools to raise standards and secure better outcomes for children & young people through collaboration.

I’m also an RSA Fellow

I’ve also recently won a Guardian Public Service Award for Leadership Excellence.

Guardian Public Service Awards Winner - Leadership Excellence

I also follow my Disclaimer


I’m inspired and motivated by the space that exists in the middle of technology, people and participation and how that space can radically transform people and places – improving people lives.

I’m passionate about the role of schools in the community, the future of teaching and education as well School Governance.

I’m committed to ethical and social business models and in particular their role in society.


I work to live and live to have fun – I’m also lucky that work on the whole is fun.

I strive to add value in everything I do and you can see my personal ethos here


I am married to Sharon and we have two boys – we also have a black labrador.
I enjoy cycling, karate, walking, having fun and spending quality time with my family.

Connect with me

I believe there is always something to learn from everyone I meet.

Welcome, participate, contribute, engage and share your thoughts



16 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Carl,

    I just wanted to contact you and let you know I’ve found your blog incredibly helpful. I have recently begun working in local government in Melbourne.

    We are in the process of redeveloping the website and also using the redevelopment as an opportunity to encourage council to use social media. I look forward to continuing to trek through your posts around content strategy and how council’s can use social media.


  2. Hello Carl.
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    The reason for my post on our WaistLine revolved around my frustration at the value (not) people put on LG web sites. I wanted toraise the issue ov value as opposed to the myopic view of cost, particularly the flawed value of cost per visitor.

    I am currently working on a post about where the web should sit in a LG organisation so keep your eye open for that… not sure if it is going out on the waistline or on Public Sector Forums. It is perhaps a bit contentious for our web site. We shall see.
    Once again thanks for your comments.
    I am happy to take e-mails or calls about the value of web btw.
    Just ring Lincolnshire County Council and ask for me.
    My e-mail is peter.barton@lincolnshire.gov.uk and I have no problem with you publishing that.

    BTW I like your dog :-))

  3. Hi

    I found your blog through the RSS feed from “Where in Devon”. I work in the library service and am really pleased to see that you liked Location, Location, Location.

    I am still finding my way around RSS feeds etc.


    1. Thanks, it went well and glad you and your colleagues came.

      We probably need to think about how all our organisations connect more often and we learn so much from these meetings.


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