That #localgov #contentstrategy stuff is spreading

You know when you start to see or read more about a topic as soon as you start focusing on it…well I’m getting that feeling with content strategy and in particular content strategy in local gov and the public sector. I’ve come across 3 great posts today, one of which was highlighted via my content … Continue reading That #localgov #contentstrategy stuff is spreading

News Centre – the content strategy in action (sort of)

The work we are doing on the content strategy is very much about actually doing a bunch of work whilst I write the strategy down. One area where is has been the case is with the councils news and press stories – this week we launched a new News Centre (see below) which was built using … Continue reading News Centre – the content strategy in action (sort of)

#UKGC12 – Content Strategy WTF!

A long overdue post…and I suspect it won’t add a great deal to this excellent summary by Sarah Lay, who co-hosted the session with me but I’ll share my perspective nonetheless. The whole idea of the session came about because of Sarah and myself chatting and constructively challenging each other over what is and isn’t content strategy … Continue reading #UKGC12 – Content Strategy WTF!

Further developing the Content Strategy

It has been a fascinating process developing the councils first content strategy, the personal learning and development which I’ve had to do as well as helping others understand the benefits of what we are calling a content strategy has also been an interesting and rewarding challenge. In an email conversation with Sarah Lay (my unofficial … Continue reading Further developing the Content Strategy