Stop writing to sound clever and start writing with purpose

I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day and asking for feedback on a draft document I had produced.

Now it is worth stating that this particular colleague (Sara Cretney) is also my coaching buddy and we have a very dynamic approach to coaching in that is pretty much forms part of every conversation we have.

The benefit of this is that we have developed a very open and honest relationship and can challenge each others thinking even when we don’t understand what each other is saying.

Anyway, coming back to the conversation i referred to above about this particular document, Sara asked me some questions about the documents and was also honest enough to say that she understood some of it but not all of it, so wondered what I was trying to achieve as it all sounded very clever.

In the conversation I tried to explain what i meant which was a helpful exercise in itself but during this I realised that I need to stop writing to sound clever – I’m not sure if this is a conscious thing or something which the organisation expects and therefore is a learnt behaviour.

Anyway I said that I need to stop writing to sound clever and start writing with purpose.

This blog is my place where i can start testing this, although this blog is also my space where I intend to share half baked ideas and thinking, but my intention now is to be clearer about those and to be clear in my writing about the purpose.

I’d would welcome any comments and feedback moving forward if I am not writing with purpose and am trying to sound clever…

Thanks in advance 🙂


7 thoughts on “Stop writing to sound clever and start writing with purpose

  1. Well… you may recall, I did feedback on Mr Howitt’s blog once for being too ‘Carlesc‘. 🙂
    Great ideas need plain speaking so we can all understand them.

    1. yes indeed, although what i don’t want to lose is the ability for me to share early thinking…so i just need to work harder at trying to explain with purpose what i mean

  2. Hell Carl, refreshingly honest! I do respect the high levels of integrity and your ambition to share early thoughts , but I also get the impression that sometimes you write what you think we would like to hear rather than maybe what is needed for you to fulfil your role. I personally believe that there is only one mantra that you (and your colleagues) should chant, namely – “How can I deliver the best possible value for money to the hard pressed rate payers of Devon!” If you could share even your small individual successes in delivering customer value – I personally feel your blog may be better for it. (There is only so much “Blue Sky Thinking” an old chap like me can take!) Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Roger,

      Thanks for the comment, my blog hasn’t really been the place i share success – it is a personal blog and is a place i want to share my thinking…although i take your point…if you want to stay up to date with progress and activity then check out the team blog over at ReWorkDevon.


  3. A very honest blog, and something I think we can all be guilty of from time to time. We’ve been doing some work with a community interest company called Barod lately, and their approaches to make information clearer is very interesting. Chris Bolton’s written a good blog on their work at conferences ( I remember speaking to Anne from Barod about a document they were working on for a public service, and the complex language actually muddied the purpose. When she contacted the organisation to clarify what they meant she had different answers depending on who she spoke to. So writing with purpose is definitely the way to go!

    – Dyfrig

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