reaching more people and sketched presentations

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at the GovDelivery Event in London – Reaching More People.

You can download the slides and watch the videos from all presenters who spoke during the day here.

My slides are here and the video of me is here (i’ve promised myself I’d watch it back to help my learning but i’ve yet to do that so would welcome any feedback if you care to share it)

Some personal reflections

I found myself to be more nervous than usual, there is something about the number of people in an audience which for me dictates whether i get nervous or not. Small groups are ok, and very alrge groups are ok, but there is a point in the middle where it feels uncomfortable…but I’ve learnt some tactics to help me get through those situations.

I wanted to try something different around the presentation as I would normally use the standard powerpoint and try and be clever with the features it allows…I usually enjoy creating presentations in powerpoint, it isn’t challenging and It allows me to think about things whilst I create the slides.

However Since i started sketch noting I’ve found powerpoint and other presentation tools to be limiting in their ability to present the stuff as I see it in my head.

So as I started to sketch out the key themes and messages for a presentation in my sketching app on my ipad (I use a combination of good notes and paper by fifty three) for general sketching but in this case I used good notes as I’ve set it up to sync all notes to google drive.

Once I had completed the sketched notes I looked back over them and thought why don’t I just add a bit more detail and colour and then use the sketches as the presentation itself. It wasn’t the type of presentation where I wanted to share data or stats or even video…I simply wanted to tell a story and I thought the hand drawn rough illustrations would add to the experience.

I’m not sure if it worked as you’d have to ask those who attended or watched but there was some positive comments on twitter…but that is hard to work out whether it was the content of what I said, the presentation or all combined…Either way…I personally found that approach a much easier way to share thinking so will continue to adopt a similar approach when that kind of sharing is required.


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