Patience and how we got to live updates from CLT on Yammer

I’ve scheduled this post to coincide with a live yammering event from our Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) which is happening between 10.30am – 12.00pm today (Monday 22nd April).

Over the past 9 months we have been on a journey of future thinking and internal challenge and it has involved over 100 internal colleagues from all across the council. The process has been called Future Landscape and has enabled a range of people to be empowered to think differently, challenge the status quo and consider the unthinkable as well as the obvious.

Today is another step in that journey when some colleagues are taking a report to our Corporate Leadership Team around the findings, conclusions and next steps from the groups involved.

As part of this process we also wanted to provide a live update of the report, feedback and conversations from the chief executives office, so I was asked if I’d be happy to provide live updates to the councils yammer network – of course I said yes…it will be a first and an interesting experience for all involved.

I’m also due to provide an update on Create / Innovate Month which is taking place during June this year (it is also taking shape quite nicely although I know there is so much to sort out and arrange between now and then. One of the key events through the month is XJamGov for more information and tickets check out the site

The support for Create / Innovate has been great and the Corporate Leadership Team are keen to take an active part in the month…one of the things they will be doing is each meeting during June (one a week) the meeting will be very different – for example the first meeting in June (Monday 3rd) will be held at the Met Office in their Think-up room.

We will be exploring what other things we can do during the month with them at meeting – but we have already started looking at going completely digital/paperless supported by the councils recent Bring our own device strategy as well as asking those who report to think differently about how they engage – so no traditional report templates will be submitted during June (at least that is the aim).

The “patience” aspect of this post is an acknowledgement to the fact that yammer was setup about 3 years ago by someone in the council and I’ve been on a journey to build broader support and engagement for this whole thing for just as long if not longer…there were times when I thought it was time to move on, but something told me to hang in there and keep being persistent. Some may not have wanted to wait as long especially as most I know live by the JFDI mantra…but there are times when you need patience…although it isn’t like we’ve stood still in those 3 years…we have made massive progress but now it isn’t a struggle to push things through…the harder part is keeping up and staying on top of things

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