A refined picture of the framework

One of the things I wanted to do when I first sketched the framework here – was to get it looking a bit more organised and professional.

So a colleague has taken the sketch and made it look better (see below)

I’ve also decided to adapt it and include reference to the value proposition canvas that Martin Howitt refers to and he states:

places have intrinsic value and we need to understand what that value is before we go about enhancing that value with digital transformations.

I recommend  reading Martin’s post, it is an important componenbt within the framework and It is also a key part of it.

In the meantime here is the latest version of the framework

Digital Climate for Local Public Services Framework v2


3 thoughts on “A refined picture of the framework

  1. Hi Carl, small point but I think ‘participation’ on the left hand side is not quite the right word. If the necessary condition is that there is accessible information/content within the system (as the text seems to suggest) then maybe ‘openness’ or ‘access’ or even ‘content’ might be better?

    1. Thanks Dave,

      I’m thinking access might be better in practical terms but there is something I can’t quite explain that wants me to use some words which hint at democracy and access in some way…

      I shall ponder it some more but thank you for your comment

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