Proving concepts with Open and Linked Data (and wordpress)

I love finding excellent examples of stuff, more so when you find them in your own council and especially when they actually prove some concepts to other people.

So I was very excited to hear and actually see what a colleague here at the council Mark Painter has been doing with WordPress and linked data.

Mark has been doing lots of work on understanding open and linked data and recently put together a proof of concept site for area profiles, which brings together mosaic data (as an xml file), neighbourhood statistics and IMD data from CLG support by swirll.

I love this proof of concept because we need to do more of this here in Devon and it also supports and proves the concept around my content strategy…one other reason I love this is because this was all done through good old WordPress 🙂

I must reiterate this is a proof of concept and may break at any time as mark continues to explore how to make this better…he has already started to look at how he incorporates the Crime Data into this as well…



One thought on “Proving concepts with Open and Linked Data (and wordpress)

  1. Thanks for the article Carl and nice work Mark!

    Sites like this are exactly what open data is meant to enable. It’s great to see this kind of straightforward, useful site, using standard publishing tools (plus no doubt some clever behind the scenes code) that can pull in open data from different places and present it nicely in a local context.

    When people look at open data catalogues and think ‘so what’, I think it’s often because they don’t realise that it is not an end in itself, it is to allow sites like this to be created.

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