Your help in trying something a little different

I am in the process of putting together a supporting statement for a Digital Communications Post here in Devon.  The scope of the role takes in all digital communications activity, corporate web management, intranet management and also includes aspects of Digital Engagement as well as Open and Linked Data but these two are more on an advisory nature.

What I’d like to do is try something a little different with regard to a supporting statement.  I obviously have to link my skills and experience with the persona specification but also wanted to share some views from people who have inspired me and helped me along the way.

I really wouldn’t be in the position to apply for this post if it wasn’t for the many great conversations, friendships and challenges I have made via social media platforms.

I tweeted a the same thing just a moment ago!/carlhaggerty/status/90386702484516865

I’m really after the easily digestible 140 character twitter replies as this means I could include more in the statement. I’d love your help on this and really need the replies before Friday 15th say lunchtime as this gives me time to include the replies in my statement.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can lend their support.


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