7 thoughts on “Social Media Stages/Themes for Local Government

    1. Our libraries have started using foursquare as well, a few have mayors and it seems to be generating some interest…What we do with it though is the next question.

  1. Carl (and Dan) – reading both of your posts with interest (I’m just in the process of preapring a presentation on scrutiny and social media and may be borrowing heavily…)

    What strikes me is that you seem to be moving towards something like Arnstein’s famous ladder of participation but for local government and social media. http://lithgow-schmidt.dk/sherry-arnstein/ladder-of-citizen-participation.html

    I would love to see you develop it along those lines – the first four stages fit perfectly although the last two don’t quite seem to fit – maybe they need to be less technology led? Maybe combined they might be ‘citizen integration’ or somesuch…

  2. Great link, Dave. I’ll have a gander at that.

    Can’t help but think that citizen participation is unavoidable in a council which has a developed approach. You can try and avoid this but you’ll be in effect ignoring people hammering on your door. In the end it’s better to just let them in and to listen.

    Thinking it through, with the phase of mainstreamed linked social you’d have the opportunity for participation from residents.

    In the first instance, you’d be able to report fly-tipped waste using digital tools.

    The countryside officer would be communicating their response. The litter hit squad would be doing similar. By linking them together you’d build up a 3D picture of what is taking shape.

    Would it be easy to involve these tools in the decision making process? It would need a massive change of culture but it’s not impossible.

    This goes back to one of the original points that I think we all agree on. Most people are not far advanced with these channels and it’s utterly wrong to think we’re months away from this.

    When my Dad has a smart phone that he can report potholes on and interact seamlessly, then I know we’ll have arrived…

  3. Hi Dan – all good points although my point was probably a lot less profound that it might have come across! It is the ladder metaphor that I thought you might use – “A ladder of socialability” for example (sure there is a better word phrase.

    Carl – I mentioned I was thinking about adapting your framework for scrutiny – I have had a think about this and this is where I am with it:

    Caution – “We are keeping a watching brief”
    Communication – “We want to raise awareness and share news about our work”
    Conversation – “We want two way dialogue about the things we are scrutinising”
    Collaboration – “We want to share resources and contribute to the work of others”
    Citizen Integration – “We want to build our work around direct engagement with individuals”

    This could be the ladder of socialable scrutiny… whaddya reckon?

    1. Love it, I think the headings are great, much more refined than mine….Am thinking more about the ladder and will post again soon on that…I’ll have to adapt it now though after those headings 🙂

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