Going the extra 102 miles

When friends suffers a bereavement it is often hard to know what to do to help or even say, that help is often even harder when it is a young child that someone has lost.

So when those friends says they want to raise money in memory of their child, then there is only really one answer


Well a friend of mine (Neil) is raising money for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths by getting a group of friends, to cycle 102 miles from Bristol to Exmouth overnight on the 13/14th August this year – it’s officially called the Exmouth Exodus.

That Yes to help, is then quickly followed by a serious thought about whether or not you are physically capable of doing such a ride….but it is really the least I can do, although it is quite daunting as the website says:

The ride is unsupported and it’s a condition of participation that you accept responsibility for your own safety and recovery should you be unable to complete the ride. This isn’t a race or sportive, it’s a group ride on public roads. There’s no broom wagon to pick you up, and it’s essential to carry a basic toolkit and familiarise yourself with simple repairs such as mending a puncture. If you break down, you should expect help from fellow riders

I’ve never cycled that far before, nor am I particularly good with mending my bike either, but it is a great opportunity to raise some money for a great cause and challenge myself as well as getting fitter along the way.

I know most of you won’t know my friend but I hope that you could make a donation – it really doesn’t matter how small. It would certainly help keep us all motivated as a group to know that after cycling those 102 miles we raised a good total for a deserving charity.

You can donate via the team’s Just Giving Page here

You can view the route elevation below to give you a sense of how tough and long it will be (remember this is through the night as well)….although I am looking forward to the downhills 🙂 Fingers crossed it is a clear sky with a bright moon?

Image displayed from http://www.exmouthexodus.co.uk/route.php

One thought on “Going the extra 102 miles

  1. Great cause and tough challenge. Happy to lend you any tools you might need for the ride.

    Actually I wouldn’t mind doing this myself.

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