Tech Support Care Package – Google

I think this is a really interesting website (Tech Support Care Package) which allows a user to post a message to their parents or anyone actually with a list of useful videos to allow them to learn how to use aspects of the web.

You are limited to sending 12 videos at a time, however it could be really useful for people who are a long way from family, friends or relatives who often call on you for tech support.




2 thoughts on “Tech Support Care Package – Google

  1. Hmmm…, well personally I found this site a bit patronising… as an ‘older’ person and as a mum! But I guess if it was re-hashed it could be useful – but not for ‘teaching mother to suck eggs’… (perhaps I’m just feeling my age) ;Op

    1. I can’t imagine it would even be aimed at you….you are very aware of all this stuff. However my mum could and will benefit from a number of the videos….

      But this would also make a useful resource within libraries for those people new to computers etc.


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