Trying to stay on top of Google’s developments

I was conducting some searches in google earlier when I noticed the increased options down the left hand side, I’ve used some of them before like Videos, Images and News, but I never noticed the “realtime” option.

So i tried it and it is really very good – in fact very google like – quick, responsive and rich with content. I searched for the #lgovsm tag and I think I will actually use this as a way to keep up to date with the conversation in future as you can also track back along the timescale to see which tweets appeared when…

What I found interesting with this is that I don’t remember seeing anything particular about this feature being released, it is just there and it is very VERY useful for searching the twitter timeline, much better than twitter to be honest. So my question is why do Google not make a fuss about all this cool stuff? Or maybe they do and i’m not very good at picking it up!

I’ve included a screen shot below of the search results page – click on the image for a full screen view

lgovsm - Google Search

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