Being a geek often inspires people

Recently I’ve been working with the Workforce Development team here at the council and have posted here and here about the focus of that work.

However what has been interesting is that when I speak to people about how I use social tools and how they are “core” to my daily work pattern, I am perceived as a bit of a “geek” and rightly so…I mean not many people across the council blog, or tweet or use Linked-In Groups, Google Apps etc as well as some of the mobile based tools you can get either for iPhone or Android phones to help you stay in touch or consume and digest information and content.

The difference today was that the colleagues I was working with were really engaged in hearing about how and why I use particular tools. After that the comment they made was not the common response I get which is usually something like:

that is very geeky.


where do you find the time to mess about with all these social things.

Instead the response I received was:

Wow, I should really start using some of these tools myself more, I didn’t really see those tools be used like that. You are really a model of good practice that others should learn from.

Sometimes even being a bit geeky is a good thing and one day you will start to become less geeky and then eventually mainstream…I think we are starting to edge towards promoting and encouraging a new behaviour and culture here which I believe will help the organisation cope with the change.



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