You are more than your job title

I know the current climate in Local Government can be depressing for some, however on a daily basis lately I am reassured that people maintain the passion for delivering public services. None of us can hide or are immune from the impending cuts and reductions, but some people still have a remarkable way of making you smile and maintaining your faith in what we all do. The problem though is that these people are not always supported and encouraged to be leaders and help others around them deal with the situation.

What is really interesting about this and is quite obvious really – “Great People” are and offer SO MUCH more than their job title or even job description states – which makes me wonder, if job titles and job descriptions contribute and simply restrict people’s imagination and scope for innovation – should we maintain them or do they really serve a purpose? What do you think?

One example when freeing someone from their Job Title works is when you get someone in a room and explain that there are no restrictions to what can or can’t happen – come up with some ideas about how we move forward…people are generally far more innovative and creative then if you asked them in isolation in context of their job and current job purpose.

Is this a counter-productive approach in this climate?


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