GartnerSym – SharePoint 2010: Is It Enterprise-Class?

My day so far has been a bit scattered as there have been supplier sessions interwoven between Gartner sessions. I’ve also allowed some time today to actually write some of the reports I’ve been tasked to produce on the back of this – although I’ve been primarily been putting in placeholders as my brain needs a bit more time and a nights sleep to make sense of some of this stuff.

Anyway this post is about Sharepoint 2010.

The first thing that struck me from the session was the Strategic Planning Assumption shared by Gartner Analyst Regina Casonato:

By 2015, SharePoint will be as popular a platform for enterprise content applications as the iPad and iPhone are for consumer apps.

So i tweeted a comment along these lines which lead to quite a good mini discussion about “what was really meant by this” < My tweet is below:!/carlhaggerty/status/1923864636432384

Gartner Analyst Regina did cover the improvements in Sharepoint 2010 since 2007 and broadly major improvements to search and integration have been made and some improvement to workflow have been made, but i still ask myself is this really enough?
In terms of the Gartner Magic Quadrants Microsoft sit in or near the top right quadrant for ECM, Portal (internal) and Social software (internal) < Whilst you can’t ignore the dominance, it still doesn’t quite feel right considering that we were also told that Sharepoint is and i quote Gartner Analyst Regina here
“Basic social computing tools are “Good Enough” to challenge tactical suppliers”
However for local government and in this current economic climate can we really think about this level of investment or should we being more innovative and radical and consider shared options across the sector, something like the Knowledge Hub project is something which came to my mind and this lead to another interesting side discussion in twitter about whether we should consider making strategic decisions about IT on this scale without really knowing what the shape of our own organisations will be in 12-18 months time.
A very brief  summary would be that Sharepoint 2010 is better than Sharepoint 2007 but is just average at most things which overall means it could be good enough < each organisation needs to work out what value this would bring and whether or not they are prepared to accept the risks and issues associated with large systems.
Update: The views above are observations and people should check out the full features list of sharepoint 2010 to ascertain what value and benefits can ben realised in their own organisations

2 thoughts on “GartnerSym – SharePoint 2010: Is It Enterprise-Class?

  1. I would like say that SharePoint is undoubtedly going to get the same popularity as that of i-phone and i-pad. It is becoming more user friendly and the customization according to businesses is making it worth usable.

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