GartnerSym – Collaboration and Innovation in the Cloud

This session was split into two parts – the first part was presented via Google and the second a case study in essence by Rentokill Initial about their implementation and migration to Google Apps.

I’m going to post separately on the Rentokill case study.

Adrian Joseph – Managing Director from Google Enterprise EMEA provided an overview of google’s view of Cloud and Innovation

Collaboration is important because:
Companies that come to dominate the next 10 years of innovation will be those that are early to embrace online collaborative technologies and these new ways of working
Research by the Future Foundation on behalf of Google shows that there is an 81% correlation between collaboration and innovation
Adrian highlighted three areas which Google feel is critical moving forward
1) Divergence of Capability
  • Enterprise IT and Consumer Technology were up until recently diverged
  • Consumer products changing the way we work
2) Super productive nomads
Adrian shared with us the following video as an example of what he means by super productive nomads.
This was followed by some broad statistics which i found interesting:
  • 67% of worlds population have mobile phone
  • 40% of iPhone go into the business
  • 200,000 android devices activated each day
  • Smartphones will out number pc’s and laptops by 2012
3) Democratisation of IT
We are in a new era of computing, which in turn unlocks new possibilities, the following as examples:
  • World mapping
  • Real-time translation
  • Image
  • Voice to text
  • Mobile navigation
  • Voice search will be one to watch
Before Adrian finished with a video of the speed of chrome – he shared this stat – 3 million customers have gone google – that actually surprised me.

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