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As you’ve probably noticed over the last 24 hours I have been quite busy on my blog and in doing so I noticed my blog stats and my popular pages for the last couple of days – so being curious I dug a bit deeper and it came as no surprise to me that other than the “homepage” the most popular page on my blog was the Revised Social Media Policy and Guidance, which I developed for Devon County Council.

However what did surprise me was the total number of visits – now as it is in multiple parts I roughly totalled up the number of visits for all parts since April and it came to over 6500 – that equates to 928 visits per month since April this year – 7 months…

I was very surprised by this figure and also very proud at the same time. It is a piece of work I am very pleased with and the involvement of key stakeholders only makes it more worthwhile as a piece of work.

This was a very humbling thing actually as I don’t see my blog as being “popular” – I don’t really do it for others to benefit, I’ve said all along that it was for me to share my thoughts (half-baked or otherwise) and hopefully help myself make sense of the world I live and work in. On average my blog gets 49 visits a day, which is an increase on the previous years which were 33 for 2008 and 43 for 2009.

As of 8th November 2010 I’ve received 38,798 total visits since June 2008 – I currently have 28 active subscribers with a further 78 subscribing to comments somewhere in the blog. Finally my biggest referrer to the site is Twitter.

I probably should have done this in june this year as a 2 years on scenario, however I didn’t, but I’m really pleased that my blog is of value to others and the content I share is “hopefully” reused by others.

Thank you all for reading and contributing.



One thought on “My popular pages

  1. No surprise at all – it’s just the sort of stuff local authorities are clamouring to get their mitts on! I’ve certainly pointed a few colleagues from library and info services to this page!!

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