GartnerSym – Cloud Culture

My second session of the day was an external keynote by Charles Leadbeater thought leader around creativity and innovation.  I hadn’t planned to go to this session but I’ve become a bit of a fan of Charles and wanted to hear him speak.

I’ve made more of an effort this time to make more sense of my notes, although i didn’t get time to reproduce them all from this session because i don’t have time right now – But I will come back to them later in the week or one evening.

Charles started by sharing a story about his childhood in a time technology was made of wood (literally) – you could polish technology – Hi Auntie Mable had a wooden radio-gram which was grand and splendid.
He then shifted the focus to “The desert of Sunday evening tv” – when he spoke of his youth when he stayed up to watch Songs of praise (instead of doing anything else – primarily to avoid going to bed.
Moving to the modern era he focused on his ten-year old son “Ned” and how he spends his time on a Sunday evening
and how he used a particular website called mini clip – to play games as well as draw and animate – his son created an animation cartoon called “the acrobats”. The point he made about this was that the new technology that is available is just stuff – Stuff to achieve things and what matters is what people want to achieve.
Charles referred to a basic kind of model which is driving a new culture which organisations need to be aware of and will impact future business models.
Search, Enjoy, Do, Share.

Charles shared a short story of when he created a short you tube video promoting and linked to his book We Think – he tried to get his 13 year old son to watch it but he walked away after only 2 minutes…The video is below – maybe it’s me, but i liked it.

He then went to on to provide three framework grids to look at creativity and innovation and neatly weaved in the Cloud as part of that. As i mentioned earlier I don’t have time right now to reproduce the grids but they were good, albeit not necessarily new, but a great way to think about how we see new markets and how we look at business models.


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