Guru, Evangelist, Expert…Ninja!!

I came across this article In the Search for a Hot Job Title, Enter the Ninja which is from April this year but i just had to share it here as it appealed to me.

You hear a lot about Social Media Gurus, Experts and even Evangelists – how long before we get a Social Media Ninja?

Now i for one enjoy the use of these names, although i can’t say that the people who use them are actually what they say they are but i do admire the fun that it puts into Job Titles – somehow for me personally they seem better than – Adminsitrative Assistent, Programmer, Officer etc. After all it is what you do that counts surely, not your job title.

However i do actually like the meaning behind Ninja:-

Ninjas aren’t assassins, insists Mr. Kawakami, who trains by walking on his big toes. A real ninja must have stealth, intelligence, a righteous heart and patience, he says.

“Lacking any one of those, you cannot make a useful ninja. These things are required in the business world as well,” he says.

Via: In the Search for a Hot Job Title, Enter the Ninja –  Wall Street Journal

I am a big fan of these qualities (they are pretty much required in Local Government right now) – It is very unlikely that my job title will ever change to include the word Ninja in the foreseeable future BUT in my heart at least i will follow the way of the Ninja – Who’s with me?

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