So far 72 WordPress powered sites in the Public Sector

After launching a survey to try and find out how much wordpress has been used and in what context across the public sector i am actually surprised to have had (as of today) 72 submitted URL’s which are either using or

There isn’t common purpose either which has also surprised me, although it shouldn’t. The lists contains Schools, Newsrooms, Consultations, Projects, Councillors and of course an Open Data site (well done Andrew Beeken and Lincoln City Council).

Why does this surprise me, well first and foremost most of these sites don’t use the traditional blog functions, and when they do they don’t look like traditional blog sites (What does nowadays?), so i say well done to all those councils and teams who have made the decision to JFDI. Hats off to you all.

There isn’t a large scale deployment (yet) and with full eCommerce or Transactional Services, but maybe over time a council or public sector agency might be bold enough to decide to take the plunge and use wordpress as its corporate platform.

You can see the full list of sites plus contact details where provided here

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