A Survey on WordPress in the Public Sector

Updated 6th May: Included link to submitted WordPress sites so far:

I am conducting some research into the use of WordPress as a CMS /Website Platform for Public Sector Organisations. I am keen to understand the scale of implementation and the variety for which it has been used.

In Devon for example our Schools Web Development team, have started using WordPress as a the default platform for any new school website. Also the corporate web team here have started using WordPress to provide a platform for some partnership / project sites

I might consider looking to extend this survey to include voluntary sector in the future, but at the moment i am keen to understand where in the public sector WordPress has been used.

I have put together a very simple Google Form to collect the URL’s of Public Sector sites powered by WordPress. I would have embedded it here directly but you can’t with a WordPress.com site.

Select here to submit some WordPress powered sites:

Thank you in advance for any contribution you make :o)

You can view the WordPress sites which have been submitted so far here


8 thoughts on “A Survey on WordPress in the Public Sector

    1. yes, but you can’t embed the content into a wordpress.com site. I have however managed to do this function in a wordpress.org site i have access to.

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