REVISED – Social Media Policy and Guidance

UPDATED JULY 2012 – Revised guidance is available here on Re:WorkDigital

In May last year i published the councils first version of our Social Media Policy and Guidance. Since then we have reviewed them and have updated them to focus more on achieving business benefit then simply taking advantage of social media tools like twitter, facebook you tube etc.

The revision is the result of additional learning, continued development and the input from a wider group of people then the original and includes the following:

  • Head of Corporate Communications
  • Head of ICT
  • Head of Strategic Intelligence
  • Directorate Business Managers

We have split the new policy and guidance into 4 parts and I will post them individually but link to them from this post.

  1. Social Media Policy
  2. Guidance – Section 1 – Personal and Professional responsibilities
  3. GuidanceĀ  – Section 2 – Guidance and tips on using social media in different scenarios
  4. Guidance – Section 3 – Key things to consider before getting involved and useful contacts

As before, feel free to adapt but please acknowledge the source.


8 thoughts on “REVISED – Social Media Policy and Guidance

  1. Thanks very much for sharing your comprehensive policy. I have adapted it for my own organisation. Most helpful.

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