Twitter’s New Retweet Feature

I logged onto twitter this morning (on the web for a change) and i had been selected to be part of a new “retweet” function.

This is what i saw:

Twitter Retweet - Beta Function

I actually think this is quite a nice feature, and something which i thought should have been developed some time ago. After all one of the key features of the mobile applications for iPhone, blackberry and others have the retweet feature as a key part of the interface.

The biggest change though for me as a beta user is that i won’t be default see someone i follow with the “RT” at the start of their tweet i see the originator of the tweet – like this:

Example of retweet

Now i really like this as it gives the originator more focus and more presence within other peoples networks and therefore could allow more connections and different connections to start happening.

It also has a cool feature which shows how many people have retweeted the first tweet – check out the bit next to the “retweeted by PersonYouKnow” it also states “and 2 others”

Retweeted by 2 others

I’m already thinking this is a cool little metric tool for tweets and might replace the need to search for “RT” in twitter search. You would still however need to maintain your “listening” for reactions to the tweets of course.

Time will of course tell if others think this is a useful tool as well. I’m certainly going to make some use of it (when i use the web interface of course).



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