Twitter retweet feature – on second thoughts

Ok, an earlier post of mine gave the view that Twitter’s new retweet feature was a good thing – Well I still think it is but it needs some more work before it can really start to compete with the features within some of the popular mobile apps – tweetie for example, which is my app of choice for Twitter on the iPhone has excellent features including retweet, quote tweet and many more.

See picture of the tweetie options below

These features, plus the fact that using an app on a mobile device makes more sense than visiting the website via a browser, it now appears to me that the feature isn’t really going to make a difference.

At last weeks Gartner symposium they predict that mobile access to websites will become the preferred choice in a few years. So it appears that the actual mobile web experience for Twitter will dictate whether people choose to use the native site or continue to use and pay for apps which provide greater functionality and usability.

Also it is worth noting that when retweeting – certainly via tweetie, you often want to include a small short comment or post with a different hashtag. That isn’t possible via the new retweet function, which is a shame. Perhaps though if you add to a tweet, then you aren’t really retweeting – you are developing the conversation further!! Maybe that requires a different name?

Still my original view still holds true that the feature at least for now will raise the profile of some people across networks they have never been exposed to. That is a good thing, but it could be better if they didn’t lock it down so much.

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