Hands Up for Fairer School Funding

Hands up for Fairer Funding

Earlier this week Devon schools launched a campaign called Hands Up to Fairer School Funding to persuade government to tackle the inequalities in the funding system for schools and end the post-code lottery that affects young people, not just in Devon but all across the country.

The aims of the campaign are simple:

A fairer Government funding system that:

  • recognises every child matters equally
  • ends the postcode lottery of education funding in this country.

As a father of two young boys (3 and 5) who are both at the same school, (Nursery and Year 1 as of writing this) it does cause me a great deal of concern that just because we choose to live in a particular location we and i really mean my children are effectively penalized and the school they attend receives less funding then other schools around the country.

According to the campaign website key facts page – a primary school in Devon with approximately 200 pupils are effectively losing £75,000 a year due to the current school funding system.

Now i don’t know what your local school is like, but i’m very proud of the school my kids attend and i know the teachers and all the staff do an excellent job and deliver good quality if not excellent levels of Education already. So why should i really concern myself with this – because to me this just isn’t fair. Now i’m sure every parent could come up with a list of things they would like their school to do which would effectively cost more money. More teachers, more teaching assistants, smaller classes, more and or better equipment, more ICT, a laptop for every child, the list could go on and on. But the point of this is that unless we look to change the funding system, those things we would all like our schools to do or buy will only ever remain on a list of “things we like to have”.

The most important thing to remember is if you are a parent and your children are in school then this DOES impact on you and your children.

I am going to support this campaign because i feel passionately about the future of my children. If you feel the same then why don’t you get involved or pledge your support – Speak to your local school and find out what they are doing to support this, whatever you feel you can do, don’t you feel it will be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Hands Up for Fairer School Funding

  1. Really good to see Devon lead this campaign. I think Wiltshire is in a similar position and as a parent with two (aged 3 and 5) and as a school governor having to make sure the books balance i too am concerned.

    For success you’ll need to broaden out beyond Devon. Is the site available for other to adapt to their county? Where does the data come from?

  2. I’ve not been involved in this at all, but will ask a few questions to see if I can get the answers to your questions

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