7 thoughts on “Getting my head around Digital Engagement

  1. Another added benefit of doing stuff online is that people can attend remotely, saving carbon footprint and pots of money. Also quiet people can tweet onto bigscreen without having to stand with a microphone. Feedback from the room/world can go straight to panel/speaker in real time, and save misunderstanding or misquoting. Lots of advantages to digitalengagement online.
    If you can get a connection that is. Half of the UK still can’t.

  2. Hi Carl.
    Great post, we are on the same wavelength I feel. I published this two days ago: http://bit.ly/Bq3UG. Its a lengthy read and part 2 is on its way but I have to agree with you:

    “once your organization develops good practice and learning around online engagement and you build a relationship with communities online you can start to reduce offline activity or perhaps get to a point where you can stop doing it for some engagement altogether”… this said I think a lot of foresight is needed by such organizations to implement systems that will stand up to the test of time and sadly many in their IT departments aren’t even up to scratch with the way things work today, let alone how they might be in four years time.
    Great post sir, lots to ponder =)
    Carl @FellowCreative

  3. Hi Carl – excellent post. I’m involved in developing new approaches to involvemenbt and engagement at Kirklees council, and this has really help to clarify my thinking about how we might approach a particular project we’re working on.

    One question though – how do you capture and feedback from discussions that might be happening in various online networks you may have no knowedlge of? Do you rely on watchlists to monitor for any discussions relevant to the particular issue you are engageing on??

    1. I would suggest promoting the use of a hashtag “#theevent” for example and using search mechanisms and monitoring tools to pick up those conversations.

      You need to trial something to see if and how stuff works for you locally and how you can ensure that you bring those conversations back into the wider discussion at some point.

      I’m happy to talk by phone at some point if you want to discuss further. Just let me know via the blog and i’ll let you have my contact details


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