Why do you participate with Social Media?

I came across an interesting presentation on why people participate in social media. Do you agree with it?

I’ll share my reasons on the different tools i use.

My reason for blogging was explicit from day one, to capture my thoughts and to share my learning. If others benefit as well then great, hopefully you might contribute your thoughts as well. I recently got an iphone and the wordpress application is useful in allowing me to capture my thoughts and save as local drafts. I’ve also started to use evernote for a similar purpose online and via the iphone.

My reason for using twitter was initially to receive insights from others, but i quickly found that it allowed me to connect with people in a simple way. I still use it for information filtering and to ask broad questions. I believe your experience of twitter with vary on your network. I tend to keep twitter stuff to work related stuff as very few of my “out of work friends” are on twitter.

I use facebook because it allows me to connect with friends and colleagues. I changed my approach to Facebook as soon as i started to connect to people at work and those i work with, i stopped posting nonsense (well others may take a different view :o) ). I do still tend to use it for more casual life events and for posting photos etc.

I use Linked-in simply as a more formal version of Facebook, with a particular focus on building work related networks and connections.

I use flickr to store my family photos, i upgraded to a pro account and find it an excellent way to store and filter my photos. It also allows me to share among friends and family.

All of the above can be used via the iPhone which means that i can continually participate with these networks regardless of where i am and for me that adds to the value of the network.

I don’t see any problem connecting with people on any of the networks or tools above providing that it fits with my purpose for using that tool.

Here is the presentation, why do you use social media? What do you use?


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