Help – in search of good practice

My Chief Executive is looking to improve his internal communications and currently has a blog (which he does write himself). However i am keen to know what other Chief Executives are doing and what kind of resource implication it has.

I am working with colleagues internally to see if we can enable him to create content on the move (upgraded blackberry or dare i say an iphone), connected with media sharing website which we can embed internally.  We are also looking at speech recognition software to speed up the content creation process.

However if your chief executive or you a know a chief executive who is doing some really innovative stuff for internal communications, please post a reply and let me know what they are doing.

I look forward to your help – Thank You in advance


3 thoughts on “Help – in search of good practice

  1. We’ve seen some Speech Recognition hardware put to good use in this area. It’s called a PA. The CEO normally phones, shouts or dictates their blog post and the PA uses the keyboard I/O device to place the words on the site.

    In all seriousness some, but not all of the senior bloggers, we talked to on CivicSurf would dictate their posts for a PA to upload. It seems like a good use of resources to me.

  2. Thanks Shane, i think that is a good approach, however what we are trying to do is to enable our Chief Executive to create more interactive content at the same time. I was thinking of a camera enabled blackberry or iphone to capture short video snippets as well as photos and then use the speech recognition aspect to create the post on the go.

  3. Do you mean more interactive or more rich content? Interactive would mean responding quickly to events and comments. That doesn’t really need video and pictures. I would however recommend your CEO using pictures. They obviously do help. But use whatever technology is most convenient to him and that will increase the likelihood of him using it.

    In terms of video… are you talking about him filming employees or himself? Not convinced either way myself. Perhaps start with some audio and see how that goes.

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